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Turnkey solution

As our company provide rubber injection machine, rubber mould, cold runner and production automatic, rich experience in whole rubber production line. That we offer turnkey solution for our customer easy one stop shipping.

If you have new project or existing project need to improve, just let me know your parts info. and quantity request, we will analysis and choice best right size mold, cavities, choice the right machine and cold runner, whether need options and automatics. Calculate the project budget and each part production cost.

Here have some turnkey solution project we have done before, 

if you are interested in any one please contact me to ask the production video.

All of these project we offer whole equipments: machine, mold, cold runner and automatic

Project 1:  Bush 

Material: Nature rubber

Machine: SE 250

Mold: 64 cavities

cold runner: 16 nozzles

Vulcanizing time: 320s

Cycle time: 420s

Material rate: 85%

Production video:

Project 2: Absorber

Material: Nature rubber

Machine: DOUSH BE 250

Mold: 8 cavities

Mold runner: 8 nozzle

Vulcanizing time: 300s

Cycle time: 440s

Material rate: 95%

Production video:

Project 3: Seal

Material: DPDM

Machine: DOUSH BE 250with silicon feeder

Mold: 4 cavities

Mold runner: 4 nozzle

Vulcanizing time: 35s

Cycle time: 90s

Material rate: 97%

Production video:

Project 4: silicon

Material: Silicon rubber

Machine: DOUSH SE 250with silicon feeder

Mold: 16 cavities

Mold runner: 32 nozzles

Vulcanizing time: 350s

Cycle time: 480s

Material rate: 91%

Production video:

Project 5: Rubber sleeve 

Material: NBR

Machine: DOUSH SE 250

Mold: 32 cavities

Mold runner: 8 nozzles

Vulcanizing time: 150s

Cycle time: 220s

Material rate: 75%

Production video:

Project 5: Shoes

Material: NR

Machine: DOUSH BE 250 

Mold: 4 cavities

Mold runner: 4 nozzles

Vulcanizing time: 500s

Cycle time: 550s

Material rate: 96%

Production video:

More production video please see our


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