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Application Rubber Parts

Product Details

As one of the competitive China application rubber parts manufacturers, Shanghai DASS Machinery Co.,Ltd is a well-known electronic application, o ring, household application parts, children's playground mat, rubber sheets, car mat provider, welcome to import advanced products form us.

Rubber parts Company profile

Since : 1993

Employees : 168

Sales : 19.6 millions USD

Products: Rubber Sealing , Chassis Rubber Part, Mat

Now, we start expand our business over the world. Focus on Automotive parts and household application, do design, production and service for you which parts we have done as below:

OEM is possible


Electronic application:


O ring:


Household application:


Rubber shoes or rubber sheets:


children's playground mat:


Car mat or rubber sheet:



Workshop:55 sets equipments used


Automatic phosphating line:


Laboratory and Test equipments:


Quanlity control equipments:


What we do for you:

>. 3D parts draing, 3D mold drawing;

>. samples, samples mold;

>. mass mold;

>. mass production;

>. quality control;

>. after sale service.




Shanghai DASS Machinery Co.,Ltd  
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