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Rubber Molds

Product Details

As one of the competitive China rubber molds manufacturers, Shanghai DASS Machinery Co.,Ltd is a well-known sealing mould, shock absorber mould, bush mould, rubber mat mould, rubber electronic parts mould provider, welcome to import advanced products form us.

Rubber molds and cold runner

Base on experiences of all kinds of application in different rubber production industry and rich experience which we have been done before. We supplied top level rubber mold over the world. the best design, precise manufacturing and surface treatment. 

Production line Including: 

● Injection molds

● ITM molds

● Compression molds

● Cold runner

Manufacture Rich experiences  best design fit to production
Good machining machine  high precise molds

Treatments request  long life, less work after produce
The rich experiences only good for design, we also need high machining machine and high request under processing control to keep high quality in every molds.

Machining machines:

Environment temperature control 

Rubber mold

Each kind of rubber mold we do: automtive, electronic, medical and household application.

Including: rubber or silicon, injection or compression, also gare casing mold for half mold


● Sealing: o ring, gasket, oil seal, strip seal


● Bush:

Insert steel or PA skeleton

gare casing mold for half mold


● Vibration insulator: 

automotive parts or train track parts


● Pipe:

Water pipe, dust cover, rubber bellows


● Silicon: 

pure silicon or with insert parts


● Playground mat, car mat: customized size and design 

Shanghai DASS Machinery Co.,Ltd  
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