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Vertical Rubber Injection Molding Machine

Product Details

As one of the competitive China vertical rubber injection molding machine manufacturers, Shanghai DASS Machinery Co.,Ltd is a well-known vertical rubber injection machine, fifo rubber injection machine, auto demouldng rubber injection machine, shuttle table rubber injection machine, rubber injection one stop shopping, rubber injection turnkey solution provider, welcome to import advanced products form us.

Rubber machine
Ningbo DOUSH Machinery Co., Ltd. Is our rubber machine company, she is a professional manufacturer of rubber machine, include rubber injection molding machine and rubber vulcanizing machine.

Rubber injection molding machine:
DOUSH series focus on top quality level over the world: latest technology, strong mechanical, precise control system and servo motor or variable pump hydraulic system for choice. She is fully competing with European machine.



100t -1000ccm

250t silicon

400t - 3300ccm


600t --- clamping cylinder move out series




>. FIFO Injection unit

● Vertical injection result minimum pressure loss
● Shortest nozzle design, maximum fresh material every cycle
● Perfect repeat injection position
● less plasticizing time and injection time
● screw and nozzle temperature separated and easy to control
● easy clean injection plunger



● No material flow out from injection plunger
● Adjustable balancing valve result no material flow out from nozzle during plasticizing
● Strong and high injection pressure fit to different cold runner
● Screw rate:  10:1
● Emergency cooling function
● Injection volume from 350cm³ up to 10000 cm³
● Maximum Injection pressure up to 2500 bar


Clamping unit
Strong, safety and easy extend options

● Bigger heating platen with T slot
● 3 heating zone separated control
● Temperature difference within±3℃
● Big opening stroke and plates distance
● Best operating height 960mm
● Moving fast and accuracy, quiet and smoothly
● Synchronous ejector thanks to rack and pinion suspension system
● Light curtain in front side is standard


Hydraulic system 
Efficiency, save, steady and resistant

● Servo motor and variable pump for choice
● Powerful and smoothly movements
● Oil temperature monitor and control
● Long life sealing from TRELLEGORG
● Sensitive, perfect repeat accuracy
● Off-line cooling function



 Controller system

 High performance and high speed response
● 10" TFT touch screen 
● High-performance CPU 
● Close loop control for all moving and TEMP 
● F(X) function 
● real-time graph monitor 
● cure time calculator 
● easy to use, find your page in 3 touch
● Tele-diagnosis for remote check and workshop central control




Powerful function: 
● Siemens , Mitsubishi and KEBA control system for your select 
● Graphic Demonstration and real time curve drawings 
● REXROTH variable capacity pump ,fast and save 
● Servo Motor drive, fast, quiet and save 
● High resolution measurement system 
● Special design heating system and PID close loop control 
● Flexible accessories connection and process automation system


Additional options 

● Slider options
1.60% sliding out;
2.100% sliding out;
3.Sliding out and ejector

● Shuttle table
1.Shuttle table with ejector
2.Shuttle table with heating function

● HTV stuffer for silicon
 From 5L up to 15L for choice
● Horizontal injection unit to reduce the feeding height

● Feeder accessory 
● Injection from bottom side
● Automatic interface












●Clamping cylinder move out to reduce the operate height in big machine


* Other customized design fit to different customer production

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