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Silicon Injection Molding Machine

Product Details

As one of the competitive China silicon injection molding machine manufacturers, Shanghai DASS Machinery Co.,Ltd is a well-known silicon injection machine, htv stuff provider, welcome to import advanced products form us.

Rubber machine

HUALI series design similar with our DOUSH series, but she is only standard machine with some simple options, machine’s system pressure is 20Mbar not like so high as DOUSH 27.5Mbar. CE certification, competing with Taiwan machines.

2 types: vertical and horizontal injection

FIFO injection unit

From 100t up to 600t

Vertical Type + HTV feeder

>. the machine with the fast, smooth and low noise movement,

>. the optimization of the hot plate size and injection volume,

>. the gating protective door design, avoid all unsafe actions,

>. huge opening stroke, lager mold space and convenient de-molding operation.


>. First-in first-out injection unit

>. Counteracting the slight distortion caused by the clamping force,

>. no stub bar each mold ,

>. high temperature can reduce the curing time,

>. vertical injection, minimum pressure loss.

>. Full-hydraulic clamping unit

>. high toughness, the high strength casting will never be deformed, no oil leakage,

>. plunger fixed mode, can reach a uniform clamping force and a higher degree of roughness,

>. the speed of opening and clamping is faster.


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