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Horizontal Rubber Injection Molding Machine

Product Details

As one of the competitive China horizontal rubber injection molding machine manufacturers, Shanghai DASS Machinery Co.,Ltd is a well-known horizontal rubber injection machine, horizontal injection unit, special rubber machine provider, welcome to import advanced products form us.

Horizontal type

Have fast motion speed, which is fluent and has low noise. 

Thickened top plate, without deformation

Enlarged hot plate dimension and injection amount 

Enlarged route 

Grating on front and back, avoid all unsafe motions 

Matched with moulds, realize automatic de-molding, reduce labor cost 

Reduce about 30-60% electricity consumption

First-in-first-out injection: 

Offset slight deformation caused by clamping force 

Injection feeding for each mould is not required 

High plasticizing temperature can reduce vulcanizing time 

Hydraulic clamping unit: 

Easy structure, convenient maintenance 

High tenacity, high strength casting will not deform forever, without oil leaking. 

Piston fixed method, which can get even clamping force and higher depth of parallelism

Hydraulic system

Use PHASE actuating motor

Hydraulic pump uses Rexroth gear pump (Aikele) 

Hydraulic valve comes from German ARGO-HYTOS (Rexroth can be chose)

Pressure sensor comes from Switzerland KELLER


Shanghai DASS Machinery Co.,Ltd  
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