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Study On Rubber Molds And Cold Runner

Edit: Shanghai DASS Machinery Co.,Ltd    Date: Jul 12, 2017

                    Die casting technology is widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, household appliances, electronic communications and other industries, especially the automotive industry. In the process of die-casting, die-casting die is the key component, the temperature control of die casting die has important effect on improving surface quality of die castings, stabilizing the dimension precision of die castings, shortening the production cycle of castings, reducing the thermal stress of moulds and prolonging the service life of moulds. The method of adjusting the mold temperature is to set the cooling water channel inside the mould, The temperature distribution of die-casting dies is controlled by adjusting the flow of cooling water in different parts of the mould and changing the arrangement of the cooling runner in the die-casting mold.Rubber Molds And Cold Runner

                    At present, the researchers have carried out the related work on the cooling runner of Die casting die. Lin analyzes the influence of the vertical distance between the runner distance, the runner and the cavity on the die deformation, thus obtaining the relative parameters of the optimal cooling system. Kosec and other people used thermal imager to measure the temperature field of die-casting die surface, and analyzed the fatigue failure form of die. Aloe and other people using procast casting simulation software to simulate the die-casting process, the results show that when the flow path is set on the die, The thermal stress along the runner is larger, but the fatigue life is short. Srivasrava et ... through finite element and experiment method, the region, the crack distribution direction and the circulation number before the die failure are predicted. Hu et the experimental methods were used to study the effect of the flow velocity of the cooling channel on the local mold temperature of die-casting die, and the function of cooling time and flow velocity was obtained, that is, the higher the flow velocity, the faster the heat dissipation. Therefore, the higher the flow velocity, the cooling water The shorter the output temperature of the channel reaches the heat balance, the lower the equilibrium temperature is.Rubber Molds And Cold Runner

                   However, the system research on the mold cooling runner and casting solidification fraction, as well as the thermal stress and fatigue life of the die has not been reported yet, but this is the key to make the die-casting process and die design. Therefore, this paper will use the box-type aluminum alloy die castings for commercial cars as an example, using the finite element method to analyze the thermal coupling of the die, get the heat balance curve and temperature field of the die-casting die, and the thermal stress influence factor and thermal fatigue of the die. The relationship between the life and the casting solidification fraction varies with the flow channel spacing. Finally, the reasonable selection range of the channel spacing is obtained through the comprehensive analysis, which provides the design basis for the layout of the mold water-cooled passage.Rubber Molds And Cold Runner

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